Terms and Conditions Legal Services

Terms and Conditions Legal Services Web3legal.xyz

These terms and conditions apply to every agreement for an assignment for legal services between Web3legal.xyz and the Client, including follow-up assignments arising therefrom. An assignment also includes any change or addition to the assignment, as well as all agreed (legal) acts in preparation for and for the execution of that assignment.

Execution Assignment and Engaging Third Parties
Web3legal.xyz is obliged to carry out the assignment to the best of its ability and as a professional who acts with due care. Web3legal.xyz cannot guarantee the achievement of any intended result. Web3legal.xyz is entitled to make use of qualified persons for the execution of the assignment under its own responsibility, after prior written consent from the Client. Third parties cannot derive any rights from the assignment agreement, the work performed or any result arising from the assignment.

The Client provides Web3legal.xyz with all information that may be important for the correct execution of the assignment and guarantees the correctness and completeness of this information.

Web3legal.xyz is obliged to maintain confidentiality towards third parties, unless it has a legal obligation to disclose. Web3legal.xyz is not entitled to use the information (including personal data) made available by the Client for a purpose other than that for which this information was obtained.

Fee and Invoicing
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Web3legal.xyz’s fee is calculated by multiplying the number of hours worked by the hourly rate per unit of time and increased by costs incurred by Web3legal.xyz, insofar as separately agreed. All amounts are exclusive of 21% VAT, if applicable. Web3legal.xyz’s invoice must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date, without suspension, deduction, discount or settlement of amounts. If payment is not made within that period, the Client is in default without notice of default.

Web3legal.xyz’s total liability in any case is limited to the amount paid out in the relevant case under Web3legal.xyz’s professional liability insurance, including the applicable deductible. If Web3legal.xyz’s insurer decides not to pay out for whatever reason, Web3legal.xyz’s liability is limited to the total fee that Web3legal.xyz receives for the assignment in question, with a maximum of €2,500. The Client indemnifies Web3legal.xyz against all claims from third parties (including costs of legal assistance arising therefrom) that are in any way related to the work for the Client.

Applicable Law and Disputes
Dutch law applies to all agreements between the Client and Web3legal.xyz to which these general terms and conditions apply. Disputes are exclusively submitted to the court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.