Contracts Package

Blockchain Legal Contracts Package

To make it easier for blockchain projects to operate their business safely, I have compiled a set of essential legal contracts. These contract templates are tailored to blockchain and Web3 businesses and cover the most common risks involved with operating in such a high paced space. These templates contain extensive disclaimers and assumption of risks for the counterparty, just to make sure they fully understand and agree to the risks involved with interacting with blockchain related projects. Apart from that, in crypto there are many different forms of remunerations for freelancers and advisors, such as a percentage of an NFT mint, token allocation, royalties etc., for which the template clauses are incorporated as well. Additionally, other provisions that stand out in these contracts are safeguards for the interactions with crypto wallets, KYC, crypto dedicated force majeure, royalties and IP clauses. Some of these templates are drafted as self-serve templates where you can add/remove certain parts to make sure they are applicable for different types of counterparties and (new) use cases.

If you want to operate your business safely in the crypto space, I highly suggest using contracts that are drafted with the essence of blockchain in mind. Luckily, my Blockchain Legal Contracts Package contains the necessary safeguards to grow your company with a solid legal base from the start. 


The Blockchain Legal Contracts Package

Standard package for blockchain projects (Priced $2999 – 1.5E)

  • Terms and Conditions for your website/platform
  • Privacy Policy for your website/platform
  • Disclaimers for your website/platform
  • Freelance Agreement (work-for-hire agreement for developers, artists etc.)
  • Advisor Agreement 
  • NDA
  • Employment Agreement

Additional NFT bundle (Priced $1499 – 0.75E)

  • NFT Terms of Sale
  • NFT License Terms
  • NFT License Agreement


What does this purchase include?

  • My support with finalizing these documents to make sure they align with your intended use case. We can communicate via calls or directly through commenting in the Google Docs, so we can finish the documents together.


What does this purchase not include?

  • Copyrights to the documents. This means that I remain the copyright holder of these documents, and I license them to you for use by your business. You can tweak them and edit them however you want, but you cannot give these documents to third parties for their own use. My only reason for doing this is that I spent a great amount of time researching and drafting these blockchain specific documents and I need to protect my business by retaining the copyright on them. 
  • Shareholder agreement. This is a very important document and you should have these signed between all shareholders as fast as possible. I have some basic templates for this, but the work involved with perfecting these documents for each company takes too much time to offer them with this package. Please note that sometimes these are offered when you incorporate your company with a third party. 
  • Incorporation of your company. This is too broad for me to advise on and constantly changing. I am partnered with a firm that can assist you with this.
  • Tax advice. I cannot advise on any taxes. You should really get a local tax expert on board to make sure you’re covered on this front.
  • Other legal advice. My pricing for this package is based on the drafting of the documents and support with finalizing them for your company. If you have any other legal questions, we can set up a call for which my hourly rate will apply. Purchasers of a package get a 15% discount on my standard legal fee of $199.


Can I pick and choose which contracts I want to purchase?

  • These documents are drafted especially for companies operating in the crypto space and if you combine some of these documents with contracts that are not crypto related, this might affect some of the provisions in these documents. However, should you still prefer to pick and choose, I can send you a new offer based on which documents you need. (Please note that some documents are priced higher than others, so I cannot provide you with a singular price for each contract that you decide not to use)


How can I purchase this package?

  • Send me an email on
  • I will send you a questionnaire to fill in.
  • After I receive the answers to the questionnaire, I will send you an email with the invoice and payment instructions. Payments can be made in fiat (EUR/USD) or crypto (ETH/USDT/USDC)
  • The documents will be delivered to you through a Google Drive folder after the payment has been received. This allows me to set up a dedicated folder for your project in which we can work together to finalize the templates for your particular use case. 
  • After you have access to the contracts, we can jump on a call and/or you can ask questions directly via the comments sections of the documents, which I will respond to as soon as possible. Together we tailor the agreements to your company and make sure you know how to use them for your company. You can download these templates from the folder at any time.


My terms and conditions apply to any purchase of my documents, which you can find here:


Feel free to reach out on (or DM me on Twitter: @John_ACW) if you have any questions or comments.