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Your Web3 Legal Advisor

I am a Senior Legal Counsel with extensive experience working in the law practice industry and I have been a legal advisor for many online media, tech and Web3 companies. With, I assist Web3 businesses with drafting license agreements, reviewing brand deals, setting up freelancer agreements, doing Intellectual Property checks on traits and much much more. Transparency is key for me, and with this website I wanted to make my fees and expertise clear, so no surprises or hidden costs. I always love meeting new people, chatting about what they are building and finding out how I can help them grow their business safely. So feel free to drop me an email or send me a DM on Twitter to set up a call.

I can’t wait to hear what you are working on and how I can help you!


Blockchain Legal Contracts Package

Too often I encounter projects in the blockchain space that have legal problems that could have been avoided with proper legal contracts. Therefore, I have compiled a collection of essential contracts that ANY blockchain start-up should have. These templates are made especially for businesses dealing with the challenges of working with blockchains and tokens and cover the associated risks with building in a high-paced environment. The contracts are easy-access and self-serve and include my legal assistance with finalizing the details for your business.

My Expertise

Any business needs the right contracts that fit their company, even in Web3. Employment agreements, terms of service and advisor contracts, just to name a few. I can help you draft them.

Your new partner has sent you their terms. Are you comfortable signing that without a legal review? I can do a (quick) risk assessment and assist in negotiating a better contract for both parties.

I am also available as a temporary or part-time in house legal counsel. Together we can identify all risks associated with your business and improve existing agreements and implement new policies.

Feel free to reach out with any legal questions or comments you have. If it’s something I am not great at (Taxes!) I will let you know and assist you in finding the right person. At no charge, obviously.

My pricing

Hourly Rate – $199

My fee is $199 per hour, calculated in increments of 15 minutes. Legal expenses can be high for start-ups, so I always try to assist in keeping costs low, e.g. by providing you with self-serve templates and instructions to finish contracts yourself. We can also work out a fixed fee so you know what the costs will be upfront.

Terms of use – $1499

I have built a custom Terms of Use template for Web3 businesses. These Terms will cover you for any risks and liabilities involved with doing business on the blockchain, such as hacks, chain malfunctions and disgruntled users. I have also introduced a new type of Force Majeure just to cover common Web3 risks.

License Agreement – $1799

Not every project is the same and the most common used licenses, such as CC0 and BAYC, have their disadvantages. Drafting an IP license that fully fits your mission and goals, and describes exactly what your holders can and can’t do, is essential for any NFT project. I’m happy to assist you in drafting a custom license.

Prices are exclusive of VAT (if applicable) and payable in fiat or crypto.

What Clients Say About Me

John has been an invaluable addition to our advisory team, not only does have an extensive prior track record in legal, but being web3-native he is naturally passionate and proactive. This combination has put our mind at ease as we can rely on him to always go that extra mile to highlight key scenarios we may have neglected to think about.

Stefan Chetty

Founder Artlink & Merch Nation

John has been very helpful to our business. Scaling our team and operations would not have been this easy without John providing timely and proactive feedback and support on the legal issues we were facing at any stage of our growth.

Konrad Probst

CEO Propertys Digital Ventures

Thank you very much for your fast help!


Founder NFT Project



CEO / Founder

My mission

My mission is to provide practical legal advice to web3 businesses

I always try to help companies in a practical manner with all their legal questions. Clear advice, cost-effective solutions and result driven contracts. Whenever possible, I like to provide easy access and self-serve documents with clear instructions, so you and your team can grow safely without having to worry about all the legal stuff.

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