Below you will find an indication of the contracts I can assist you with. Feel free to reach out to me to ask if I can help you with any other legal matters, with my broad experience and knowledge I’m positive I can help you out. If it’s something I am not very good at (taxes!), I will help you find another legal expert.

Legal Foundation
Legal Foundation

There are no standard contract templates that fit Web3 companies, but it helps when you have legal assistance proficient in Web3 and NFTs. I love drafting contracts that are a perfect fit for your business model and use case. My contracts always come with a clear explanation and instructions on how to use it yourself for similar deals in the future. Apart from drafting contracts, I can assist you with reviewing any agreements that you encounter and negotiating better terms for your deal. Some of the contracts that I can assist you with

  • Partnership Agreement
  • License Agreement
  • Referral Agreement
  • Website Terms of Use
  • Disclaimers
  • Saas Agreement
  • Freelancer Agreement
  • Advisor Agreement
  • NFT Sale Agreement

I am specialized in Intellectual Property Rights. I am happy to assist you with any IP matter you encounter, from NFT license agreements to DMCA Notices to Trademark Registrations. I can also check your artwork, visuals and names for any possible IP complications or infringements. A few examples of IP matters relevant for Web3/NFTs:

  • NFT License Agreement
  • IP Audit / Trait Checks
  • DMCA notices
  • Trademark Application

I have helped many companies become GDPR compliant. Even though you operate in Web3, privacy regulation is still strict and there are a few things you need to pay attention to when processing personal data and doing business with certain countries. Setting it up right from the beginning, will save you time further down the line. I am happy to assist you with this.

  • Data Processing Agreement
  • Data Processing Register
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Notice

When your Web3 business starts to operate like a normal start-up, you need the right contracts in place to grow safely. I can help you set up a legal folder full of contracts tailor-made for your business. This way you will always have a contract ready when you hire a new employee, engage a new partnership and/or launch a new NFT collection.