About me

I am a Senior Legal Counsel with over 10+ years of experience working in the law practice industry. I am skilled in Web3, intellectual property, blockchain, NFTs, contract drafting and general legal advice. I have worked for SaaS-companies, online platforms and big media networks. My main focus is advising web3 companies and NFT projects on all legal matters at hand. I like to think along with the business and share ideas and other insights I gained working with tech start-ups and scale-ups. I like to stay practical and provide you with clear risk assessments to help you make business decisions that matter. I am based in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam (CET).

Apart from the legal work in Web3, I have bought my first NFT in ’18 and minted everything from Bored Apes to Fidenzas to CryptoMutts. I created my own generative art collections (NRDNM) and an AI/GAN Bob Ross collection. I am also an advisor for a few different NFT projects. I know the market inside and out and I am here to stay. I am convinced I can assist you with your any legal things you face, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

This is Web3 me.

My real name is Jeroen, but that name doesn’t really work in English, so I usually stick to my Web3/NFT persona: John